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  • You have to create and configure a Pickup folder for the Exchange, or you can use the default one if it is acceptable.
  • You have to create a separate "download folder" for each POP3 account you want to connect. This folder has to have the following in it:
    • The popclient.exe extracted from,
    • The popclient.xml copied from the democonfig.xml from and filled out with the connection data.
    • A subfolder named mails. This folder will hold the downloaded mails.
    • The toExchange.vbs file with filled out parameters inside!
    • A subfolder named log. This folder will hold the logs for this connection (When using UNC as Exchange Pickup folder, then the scheduled job has to run under a domain account!)
  • You have to save connector.cmd anywhere to the server
  • And finally you have to create separate scheduled jobs starting this connector.cmd: the start in must be the corresponding download folder. If no UNC used, then it can be run under the local SYSTEM account, or any account which has enough rights to write to the download folder and to the Pickup folder.

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placa Nov 6, 2012 at 4:36 PM 
I've edited the connector.cmd to exclude the errorlevel check after the popclient.exe. This way it always executes the vbscript, but the script is handling only the .txt files.